Pierre Robin Sequence

Our surgeons at Staten Island Oral Surgery provide the skills and care needed to overcome the barriers and health problems that conditions such as Pierre Robin syndrome in NY present.

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What is a Pierre Robin Sequence?

Pierre Robin syndrome in NYC is a genetic birth condition in which the lower jaw is underdeveloped but grows more rapidly during the infant’s first year. Parents should take care to never lay children with Pierre Robin syndrome on their back. The child’s tongue will fall back into the throat and block the airway. Children with this condition often have difficulty breathing regularly, a jaw that is very small and set back in the throat, a receding chin, a large-looking tongue in proportion to the small jaw, and a small opening in the roof of the mouth called a cleft palate.

Birth conditions such as Pierre Robin syndrome can be extremely distressing to parents and impact both the lives of the parents and their Child. With the use of distraction osteogenesis, airway issues in Pierre Robin syndrome can often be treated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment for Pierre Robin syndrome, as with many birth conditions, varies depending on the severity of each individual patient. A breathing tube (CPAP) will be inserted up the nose and into the airways in moderate cases of Pierre Robin syndrome to prevent the airway from being blocked. More severe cases of this condition may require our oral surgeons to perform surgery in order to prevent the upper airway from being blocked. Some children need a tracheostomy, or a surgical hole in the windpipe to aid with breathing. A tracheostomy could potentially be avoided with the aid of neonatal distraction osteogenesis, depending on the severity of your child’s Pierre Robin syndrome in New York City. At Staten Island Oral Surgery, we provide the most advanced surgical techniques and procedures for our patients so that the care and service you receive with us is the best possible care and service available. Working closely with Dr. Vastola, a pediatric ENT physician, Dr. Hoffman has assembled a team to treat this complex and frustrating syndrome.

The choking and feeding problems that your child may suffer throughout their first few years should dissipate as their lower jaw grows to a more proportionate size. The most pressing concern during the early months and first year of life with children who have Pierre Robin syndrome in NYC is that the child can breathe properly and eat without choking while the jaw is still growing. Working with a Neonatologist and Dr. Vastola (pediatric ENT), babies with Pierre Robin syndrome can be treated to avoid feeding tubes and other issues. Discuss the surgical options available at Staten Island Oral Surgery with Dr. Hoffman and let us help you and your child thrive through the uncertainties and dangers of Pierre Robins Syndrome in New York.

How Can I Find Out More About Pierre Robin Syndrome?

For more information on Pierre Robin syndrome, please contact Staten Island Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to schedule an appointment with oral and maxillofacial surgeons David Hoffman, D.D.S., F.A.C.S., Lydia J. Lam, D.D.S., Emad Abdou, D.D.S., and Mark Goodenough, D.D.S., M.D. by calling +1 (718-226-1251).

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